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We researched to develop the Best audio system for BMW & MINI, investing the best materials with no hesitation for about a year.


It embodies know-how for sound of a HIFI powerhouse. SEAS from Scandinavia.
You can also feel their craftsmanship and their philosophy in sound, which has lasted for decades.
Their technique cannot be compared with low-priced Chinese and Japanese units that are the most common in the industry.


As it is produced for a DIY, you can have it on your car with a simple installation work,
still keeping your car interior and devices of the original products.


Like the noise cancelling BGM in hi speed elevator,
the high-quality audio system relieves road noise of your BMW &MINI and lowers your fatigue while driving.


If you have TICKEN Audio in your eyes but worry
if you can’t install by yourself, an expert will set the audio system for you at a reasonable expense.

Let’s see why we have to choose TICKEN Solution on this graph. First, it’s a graph that shows a limit of the OEM unit.

The frequency sphere, which can convey relatively stable sound within error tolerance of 10dB, spreads from 100 to only 3K. That is to say, there’s no sound of frequencies from 3k to 10kH which could convey damping, clarity, presence, sharpness and so! Many OEM audio systems having omitted tweeter sacrificed the frequencies that give us a lot of different fun like that.

Let’s see this graph of TSL-FG001A.

There are several fine peaks and dips, but these are made on purpose for enhancing characters of full range, so it steadily plays the frequencies from 100 to 6K. Namely, comparing to a mid-range conveying the frequencies from 300 to 3k in a usual sense, we could clearly see the full range's feature from this graph.

Now, let’s look at this graph of TSK-001T, a silk soft dome tweeter which will fulfil our needs for lively high frequencies.

As the graph shows, it can send out the frequencies from 1k to 10kH that convey the important sound information; damping, clarity, presence, sharpness and so, even going beyond and getting to 20k. In other words, you experience automatically visualising the stage with the sound opening.

Let’s assume how it sounds with SWS-001, an 8 inch woofer. This sub-woofer is in charge of the frequencies from 40 to 1k which will make our thrilling hearts beat.

This sub-woofer is in charge of the frequencies from 40 to 1k which will make our thrilling hearts beat.
That is to say, TICKEN SOUND Lab.'s Solution is to take enough charge of our audible frequency range and let us listen to the excellent sound regardless of a genre which wasn’t possible to imagine from OEM.

Super sound echoeing across the Autobahn,
The luxurious Audio Sound System that will forever upgrade the thrills of driving

Now, it's your turn!

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